Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Cause for Celebration of all things Beautiful!

As we approach both 4th of July and Zelda's birthday (July 3rd), we are inspired to create an event that reflects our love for life, freedom, expression, and connection.

"Party for the People's"

**A Musicale and Performance Night**

This July 3rd is extra special since it is the first birthday celebration for Zelda after her passing, and we want to celebrate it in a way that would tickle her fancy-- with music, performance, art, poetry, yummy treats, and YOU!

So please RSVP by phone or email and join us for a lovely evening on July 3rd (7 to 10pm).

We are welcoming thoughts, ideas, and *help* to put together a beautiful evening of fun-filled celebrating that Zelda, and all of us, would be proud of.

Location: The Sequoias Auditorium, 1400 Geary Blvd., SF.We have an amazing opportunity to hold our celebration at The Sequoias, a wonderful "life care community" in the heart of San Francisco, perfectly suiting our theme of inderdepence, interconnectivity, and intergeneratonal relationships. This will be a splendid event of sharing the arts and talents of eachother through music, open performance/talent show, poetry reading, and story telling soiree.

**Calling all Artists**

We are very pleased to invite each and every one to bring their most fun, fabulous, and favorite creative expression to our celebration on Friday. It can take any form that inspires you-- art, movement, music, spoken word, etc. There will be an open forum style of sharing with light organization around time, so please let us know what you would like to share (under 5 minutes), and we will happily plan on it!

We would love to have everyone share their talents and gifts, but there is no pressure and no obligation:) It is YOU who makes this event so special, so please share your gifts with us!

We will be accepting donations at the door (~$10-20 sliding scale)-- no one is turned away due to lack of funds, but please contribute, and volunteers are always welcomed for trade.

Any proceeds will go directly to supporting the inspirational programs forthe “Power to the People's Project".

We hope to share this beautiful occasion for celebration with you. With light, love, and blessings-


Jen Healy


Liz Miller


Who is Zelda and What is "The Power to the People's Project":

The Power to the People's Project is an inspiration born from the depth of love, connection, friendship, sharing, creativity and artistic expression that is rare when you span 50 years of difference in experience and age with someone.
That is the beauty and awe I am left with after Zelda's passing in March, 2009 (she was 85).

It was Zelda Peoples' life, which greatly impacted my own in astounding ways over the past twelve years, and whose presence impacted Liz indescribably in the course of a single evening, which has inspired this cause for celebration-- to live fully and joyfully, to encourage and support our fullest artistic and creative expressions, and to create community dedicated to breeding conscious connections, interdependence, collaboration, participation, and integral love. To celebrate all things beautiful!

In honor of Zelda, and in celebration of the incredible potential of interconnectivity, friendship, and collaboration in building community, we have formed the “Power to the People's Project". One of the aims of this project is to create opportunities for people of all ages and walks of life to come together to share food, poetry, music, talents, and stories, we call "Party for the People's".

As we continue to expand and to celebrate a multitude of inspiring people and relationships, we want to offer new ways for everyone to become involved in creating a community dedicated to the principles of interdependence, co-creation, joy, and integrity.

We want to foster relationships that feed the soul, and communities that offer opportunities for self-expression, the sharing of experiences, insights, challenges, passions, and aspirations, through the arts especially. We welcome a truly multi-cultural, intergenerationally diverse opportunity for young and old alike to be appreciated and their wisdom shared. We aspire to create such a community and gatherings that cherish the contrast and celebrate the differences that make life so rich and delicious!

We invite you to be a part of this great desire for community and celebration...Please join us for this very special evening!